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Photos of a WW2 Canadian Tank pushing a "Snake"

Article about: Thats very interesting, Thank You Dean O

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    Thats very interesting, Thank You

    Dean O

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    lol in an almost unbelievable stroke of luck I have just bought the same kind of towing A frame shown in the pic and will pick it up on saturday but what makes it even more strange is that I am the only man in the world that owns both a Churchill AVRE and a bren carrier.. must be fate

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    WOW That's to see your AVRE

    Dean O


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    Ditto-and the carrier!

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    well erm it's like this ! the avre has had a hard life, it was built by newton chambers of Sheffield in 1941 and served through the war, where I don't know but one day I hope to find it's history thru the T number I found on the back panel, sometime after the war (probably mid sixties) it was struck off service and used as a range target., it eventually found it's way onto the FIBUA village at catterick and was used for carl gustav 84mm target practice, I know this because a lot of the rocket motors are still in the the hull due to the range staff have a tidy up now and then and chucking all the crap in the hull (a common practice) . it then went thru several shady characters until I ended up with it in 2010 and it has sat waiting it's turn in my yard since then, I have been busy restoring my Cromwell, t16 and carrier but I am and always will be a square door Churchill man and I can't wait to get stuck into the resto
    the universal carrier was bought from the states in the same year and is a very early mk1* Canadian hull number 876 which is why it is fitted with british style headlights as the Canadian production was not set up yet. on stripping back the paint the name WELLAND appeared and would suggest it was used by the Lincoln and welland regt which was a Canadian regt that landed on d day +10. anyway the carrier has been to a few shows and is an absolutely brilliant vehicle to drive. there are still several white circles in the tarmac of my sons schoolyard from the time when I took the carrier to an open day and did a few doughnuts in it (seemed like at good idea at the time).
    here are a few pics of the vehicles I have messed about with in the last couple of years. whilst doing these I discovered the secret of how to make a small fortune from ww2 armour (start off with a large one)
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    The Lincoln and Welland Regt still exists, I know the guy in charge of the Armoured portion of their Museum, I see him about 4 times a year
    I will try to find out if your number was part of their equipment

    Dean O

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    thanks dean that would be great, the history is everything to me and if I could find out where it did or didn't go that would be great. cheers
    here's a pic of the name I uncovered when rubbing back the paint.
    there seems to be a horizontal line at the top with a capital T underneath in the centre, the CT number under that which I think reads CT 29718 and below that in yellow letters is the name WELLAND. is the white line and the capital T something common on Canadian carriers ?
    any help is much appreciated.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

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    Well not much yet, however a friend did send me this info.

    Dean, the CT is the Census Number assigned to all Canadian military vehicles.
    Sorry I cannot offer help on the specific details of the number or the name Welland.
    All Canadian vehicles were assigned a prefix of two letters followed by numbers.
    As an example;
    CL- lorries
    CT- armoured vehicles (tanks)
    CZ- trucks
    CM- motorcycles
    CX- trailers

    Can you email me that photo so I can send it to a couple of guys that I know who rebuild these things?

    Thank You

    Dean O

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