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Picked up my hand made Repro WW1 Douglas Motorcycle today!!!

Article about: Well this is the first of a few the 4CMR assoc. repro WW1 Motorcycles we are having built, as this was the first, it was rather expensive, the side car was hand made along with its frame her

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    Thank you for that rather late info!!!! LOL, found that out first time I turned to the right!!!

    I have just been told that I am to ride this Vimy at the head of the Veterans ( or Warriors Day )Parade at the Exibition in Toronto. it is one of the largest Veterans Parades in Canada, the problem is, that we have to store the bike in a place I cannot ride it as we are going through a long and Difficault process to have this bike accepted in Canada, once we get 1 done the rest will be easy.
    But that means I get very little time on it,and as it idles at about 20kms I really have to get a feel for the very stiff clutch lever.
    The differance between going slowly and stalling is only about 1/4 of an inch movement, very differant that my old BSAs and the Matchless I owned.

    After Saturday I will post some photos of the Change of Command Parade, with us in our 4 CMR uniforms and the bike

    Dean O

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    I grew up in town where the Douglas Factory was, Kingswood near Bristol.

    The factory was still there with its asbestos roof still camouflaged painted from WW2 use, but I believe it may have come down recently.

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    Thats too bad, I would have loved to see a photo of it before it came down.

    Thank you

    Dean O

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