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Portuguese Junked Sherman

Article about: Sadly, its true and this is an old photo, i believe they are long gone by now...... Plus, i think these are Canadian Grizzlys that were imported in the 50`s

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    hi terry

    you are right, it is warcop in the mid nineties, the guy you can see in the pic is bob grundy (a tank restorer) cutting off suspension parts for the tank museum.
    the other range I don't know for sure but it looks to be a bleak desolate shithole so it's probably otterburn.

    pics of a couple of surviving churchills still on warcop.
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    Eddeymen I impressed myself there. lol..I used to take the crows there in 96/97 when I was in ITC as an instructor...I wonder if those Churchills are still there now?..That would be worth a day out walking...Churchill tanks & a summit you couldn't ask for more.. Thanks for the photos really nice.. Cheers Terry.

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    the tanks are still there terry ! the mk4 with the upside down turret is only 50 yards from a public footpath

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    Thanks for the info Eddy8men...Have you the locations of each tank ...because what I might do in the summer is make a day out of it with the mutts & Missus we all like a bit of hillwalking so if I can see some battered tanks as well as a summit "Mickle fell" or one of the other lying hills that would be great... Cheers Terry.

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    hi terry
    the mk7 Churchill is at grid 759 176 on top of a ridge with 5 others but is fenced and out of bounds. the mk4 is at grid 767 179 there's also an m10 wreck 100m to the west of it. be aware that the range staff have a good view of both targets from the tower

    you might also like to go to feldom near Richmond there's a few tanks close together on a disused range. 2xchurchill, m10, chieftain, chieftain suspension test bed with strange turret, there's another Churchill but it was dug up for the turret and then reburied so take a spade
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    Thanks for the info.. Don't worry about those Range wardens..I'm trained to dress up like a bush so we are sorted there...I know the Feldom training area..I had one hell of an exercise on there when I was at ITC...It didnt stop raining for the whole week....That is a nice place to walk as well..So if I'm not too cheeky the grids of those would be nice too..Some good photos too Eddy...& thanks again for the info.. If I get up there in the summer & I don't get shot/arrested I will let you I got on..? Cheers Terry.

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    No worries terry, I'll get back to you with the grids later on

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    I was at Bovington tank museum this year and they have some former firing range tanks outside in the car park one of them is this Churchill 3 inch gun carrier . Also i was talking to one of the guys who works there and he was saying that they found a panther on one of the ranges near there. Click image for larger version. 

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