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Sherman Identification request ?

Article about: Ive just been given a couple of Photo albums of WWII fire service related photo's to scan and save for the owner. In one album is this picture of a Sherman having its waterproofing tested by

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    The 11th army tank battalion [ontario] were based in Brighton.
    This is a good site for canadian vehicle markings Vehicle Markings First Canadian Army
    its only regimental types though

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    can anyone read the t number off the side of the sherman,that might help id it.

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    25th Army Tank Brigade – 26 April 1941 to 17 October 1941
    On May 3rd, 1941 the battalion moved to Brighton from Colchester and came under the command of the 25th Army Tank Brigade. Battalion HQ was located at 4, Surrender Road, Brighton with ‘A’ Squadron at Stanmer Park near Brighton, ‘B’ at Castle Goring near Worthing and ‘C’ at Ovingdean. The battalion, less ‘B’ Squadron, was under the operational control of the 141st Infantry Brigade with ‘B’ under the control of the 25th Infantry Brigade. Its role was anti-parachute duty. It was unclear if the 42nd RTR ‘crocks’ (non-runners) would join the battalion when they were repaired and the battalion was still down one light tank. On May 11th, IV Corps assigned ‘A’ Squadron to protect Shoreham harbour, ‘B’ to defend Worthing harbour, and ‘C’ to protect Newhaven.
    33rd Tank Brigade – 22 June 1942 to 5 August 1943
    . The first ten Shermans arrived on April 10th, but on the 26th it had to hand over the Shermans to the 1st Canadian Tank Brigade, since it would take over its role

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    Sherman Identification request ?

    Thanks for your replies and interest, I've attached an enlargement of the tank at a better clarity to show the markings.

    Regarding the other pictures I will start a new post in the History and research section.


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    The pics arent clear enough to get the serial Nos but the first pic of the Sherman being hosed looks like T 152134 and the wading Sherman is unreadable even on the master print though with a bit of imagination it looks like the last 2 numbers are 53

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    this ones close in census number,im still looking
    Tank: Sherman 75mm M4A2
    Census number: T152350
    Name: Buccaneer
    24th Lancers, 'B' Squadron, 5th Troop
    Commander: Lt Frank Fuller
    Fate: brewed up at Tessel Wood Normandy 25th June 1944.

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    calgary regt had shermans in this census range T144891 - T154890 Sherman II, III, IV, V

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    Thanks again for you help, if you don't mind me asking, what source do you use to check the tank census numbers ?
    I hope to soon get time to get into the new East Sussex records office. Some years ago. When I last visited, I found some documents relating to training areas and billeting arrangements .

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    Most of its just random searching but got last info from this site
    MAFVA Tank Names

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    Canadians training Wepham downs,west sussex
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Sherman Identification request ?  

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