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Tank identification

Article about: colt45 can you try and put your pics up again, they dont seem to be working.

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    Default Re: Tank identification

    The one in question is a Centurion for sure.
    The others in order are:
    No clue
    Humber Pig
    T-Series somethingorother (could be an IL series too though)

    As for recovering and restoring those churchills...sometimes best to know when to leave stuff laying about...they are in horrible shape and would take an absolute miracle to restore.

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    Default Re: Tank identification

    Post 9 pic 6 is a Conqueror.

    Cheers, Ian

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    hi fellas

    the armoured vehicles are.-

    mk 2 ferret
    t 62 iraqi
    t55 iraqi
    m 47
    humber pig

    all the best eddy

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    Default Re: Tank identification

    sorry Eddy the russian vehicles are t54-55 from the israily wars the iraqis used mostly t59 from china cheers ian
    and there is no t62 in any of the pics
    i say this with knowlage ,becouse we had 4 t54-55 at chertsy on trials and 1 t62 ,they all went on the ranges after trials
    and they all came from the israily wars cheers again ian

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    hi ian
    you may well be right as i'm no expert ! but i do know enough to get me into trouble.i thought the third pic was the t 62 because the muzzle break is half way down the barrel and from what i remember that was the most obvious external difference between t 55 and t 62 .
    i thought iraqi for 2 reasons, firstly we were at war with them in the nineties (i was there) and some thing about that round circle on the turret rang a bell in the back of my mind,but hey it wouldn't be the first time that i've been wrong.
    (or the last).


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    Default Re: Tank identification

    hi eddy , the diference between t54-55 and t62 was great and varied , yes your right about the fume extractor on the barrel , but t54-55 was up dated with the same gun so its not realy a way to tell , these tanks were put on oterburn range long before gulf1 , most all tanks brought back before the ban on war trophys were t59 types and the odd t72 hybrid the iraqis seemed not to have any actual divinative types , they were all a bit odd , i believe these tanks on oterburn all came from MVEE chertsey after trials , aand they originated from the israily wars , the T types i mean , cheers ian

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    thanks ian
    you sound like you know your stuff, which is good enough for me, so i'll take your word for it. incidentally do you visit the Welcome to HMVF - Historic Military Vehicles Forum site ,it's a great site for vehicle lovers, you'll like it !

    cheers eddy

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    Default Re: Tank identification

    i was on the shir1 (early challanger and shir2 trials at chertsey) i played a lot with BRDM,BMP T54-55 T62 BTR60 and the like , back then very secret
    but hey i had fun ,cheers ian
    played a little bit with the defunked MBT80
    A4 section MVEE chertsey
    if you go to the tank museum at bovington you will see shir 2 and early challenger all with SP regestration as well as the kahlid(shir 1)with SP reg , i did automotive trials with all of those tanks

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    it's a sh~tty job but someones got to do it

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    Default Re: Tank identification

    LOL it was the best time i had in the army we had great fun, there was only 8 soldiers and a couple of civies , fun fun fun but like you say , somone had to do it , it broke my heart when the first challengers were issued in 82 cos then our job came to an end , ATDU took over from us to do user trials ,i was heart broken

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