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Tank identification

Article about: colt45 can you try and put your pics up again, they dont seem to be working.

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    mate, all good things come to an end. i spent 3 weeks after the gulf war picking up some of the iraqi armour and taking it to an equipment collection point.we used to bump start it with the foden then race each other across the desert.great fun.
    it's funny you mention bovy as there's an mtlb there that i recovered i know this as i saw a pic of it in wheels and tracks being unloaded and it still had 26 fd regt painted on the side. i hope those museum blokes appreciate us parting with all that armour.

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    t54-55-t62 being air start , no wonder you bumped them , no air in the cylenders eh ,and what a bitch to change gear , even the old cent was a doddle compared to them
    ye i am a B3 cent driver as well B1 driver mech chieftain ,b1 driver mech challenger,B1 driver mech CVT

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    they weren't built for comfort that's for sure ! those crappy canvas seats and hunching over to hold the tillers and a two handed gear change ,i found that if you pull it hard enough for long enough it slips in nicely (as the vicar said to the choir boy)

    living the dream
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    ER a rather loud crunching noise , double clutch and listen to the engine , but i must admit the fight of the gear stick was half the fun , at least with the russian stuff you had a gear guide to get you nearly in the right place (ever tried to go from 1st to 2nd in a cent) thats fun

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    i can honestly say i've never even been in a cent, but it sounds great ,i don't think i ever went in any armoured vehicle i didn't like ,even the saxon and that was crap.
    i'm looking into getting some ww2 armour to muck about with, but man is it expensive! you're looking at 200k for a restored sherman and about 100k for a fixer upper,there's plenty on the old ranges as you can see in some of my threads but the trouble is getting the buggars to part with it , still if it was easy we'd all be driving around in tanks ,well i would be anyway.

    all the best

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    I know where there is churchill or maybe cromwell tank on salsbury plain, il try get pics would be a shame to see it rot away.

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    Quote by rich89 View Post
    I know where there is churchill or maybe cromwell tank on salsbury plain, il try get pics would be a shame to see it rot away.
    All Im going to say about that Rich is be aware that the Plain is an Army training area and LIVE FIRING range, check for the red flags, if they are flying, you cannot go anywhere on that area. Also MoD plod etc dont take too kindly to people wanderng around the areas with a camera, even I have problems and thats when Im with my son who's a serving soldier there!

    Regards etc

    Ian D

    AKA: Jimpy

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    T55 not T62 if you copy the picture and zoom in you will see that the fume extractor has been pushed off its mounting and down the barrel.

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    hi fella's
    well i achieved my goal of getting some ww2 british armour last year, infact it wasn't that difficult you just have to go and ask the right people and be prepared to part with a few sheckles (actually a lot of sheckles)
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Tank identification   Tank identification  

    Tank identification  
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