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Tank part or just a lump of scrap on a Normandy beach?

Article about: Is this part or a tank or just a piece of scrap iron on a Normandy beach? Itís about 2m across and isnít really noticeable unless you stumble across it like I did. Hopefully the photos are g

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    Certainly has an aircraft look to it.
    Not a Daimler Benz or a Junkers Jumo but an inline water cooled ( for the last 70 years ) engine.

    Cheers, Dan
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Tank part or just a lump of scrap on a Normandy beach?  
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    Perhaps you can ask to a museum, I don't if it's legal to take parts on beaches.
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    An aeroplane engine is even more interesting, if I'd have thought that at the time I'd still be there now looking for other bits between the rocks.

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    I think it is boat, because of the the stout angle irons it is attached to (L shaped) Aircraft engines were typically hung from bearers from a couple attachment points on each side. Plus it doesn't look like it has much aluminum/magnesium in it.

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