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Willy CJ2A 1946 ? could this pass off as a resistance type vehicle?

Article about: I was wondering if this could pass off with a ww2 period jeep for resistance type actions? its a Willy CJ2A 1946. Someone put a v6 buick engine in it LOL! but I mean nobody has to see under

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    I would not use it simply because it is too obvious that it is not a MB or GPW. If you do use it I would strongly suggest replacing the front grill with a WWII jeep type, the headlights along with the tailgate are a dead give away. The over sized tires would have to go as well.

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    Thanks for your imput. Like I said it wont be used as a G.I impression at all. It would be for events like the French resistance, and crap like that. So the grill would have to go, and I was thinking with the tail gate, Couldn't I just put a spare tire on the back like the original's That would kind of cover it up some. It has a v6 1960's buick motor in it so it wouldn't be hard to keep up with. They make repro black out lights also and I would keep the paint the same color. how does that sound?

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    Why using if for a resistance impression vs GI make any difference? Did the resistance have access to jeeps the US Army did not?

    A 1943 GPW I restored about 30 years ago. They are a great many differences between a GPW/MB and a CJ2.

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    Nice jeep!. Well I don't do G.I impressions since they got there own stuff, I need a ride for my guys! lol. Yes there are many differences between the two, im more looking for something less military

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    a roadburner.

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    In that case, how would resistance fighters get their hands on a vehicle that was not manufactured until 1948? The only jeeps available during the period you are portraying were military.

    It appears you are looking for justification for using something that you already know is not correct.

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    HsMaxim, I think your missing the point, go back and read the other post..thanks

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    its a 1946

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    BUY THAT SUCKER....You will never regret it!

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    yeah I agree...he wants 3,000 us for it :/ is that fair?

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    Considering, that it has "The Look" that you like and want and it has a modern working drivetrain and electric system-why not? 3K is not bad. It's not a rusted out welded up wreck that you're going to put your feet through the floor pan the first time that you mash on the brakes! I'm assuming it's street legal? Of Course, it's not some sort of exact replica Jeep and it's not Intended to be, but it has enough of "The Look" that it should still turn plenty of heads and pick up comments.

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