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Article: 3rd Reich era plastic markings on the fieldgear etc

Article about: You can view the page at

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    Default Article: 3rd Reich era plastic markings on the fieldgear etc


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    Great, now I know who made my compass and with what materials.

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    There's a great new book out on the makers of the grips (markings like those found on the above gear) and magazines for the P.38 pistol. It show is detail the maker marks and process of making the grips. Check out the P.38 forum for info.



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    as these items were picked up by allied intellagence and decipered picking up locations of war material producing factorys and bombing them may have changed the practices of this secret german code system i have a canteen cup made of bakelite on it ive found 3 different circles in the left circle i have the half moon like devider and the line a s is at the bottom for what the product is made of but there isnt any location number at the top next circle has JFS in it and the last circle has 42. So what am i to think should i toss it into my box of shame as a fake? comments please

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    Default Re: Article: 3rd Reich era plastic markings on the fieldgear etc

    Must go check codes now.....

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    very helpful.thank you.

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    great now i have to refresh my german lingo skills

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    Default Reichsarbeitsdienst

    I found three of these at a reichsarbeitsdienst location.
    Any info on the markings?

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Putzmittel.jpg  

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    I added a picture but I cant see it, since these are my first posts I'm going to check out the manuals of this forum.

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