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Battlefields in North Karelia( SS-Nord Division)

Article about: Great find mate,But i am greatful that finds like that are impossible where i live(Tasmania Australia) for obvious reasons. Cheers and keep up the good work. Dvae

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    Pete G


    Nice helmets and the rocket rack is amazing.

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    Thanks for sharing these awesome photos with us! Made me day

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    I like the photo of the pile of helmets, bottles, the half mess tin and what appears to be a gun barrel and that metered compressed gas canister. One other item caught my attention, the round can with the H/H. Any idea what was in the can? Also, I am curious to know if the bottles were German or Russian.

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    Default Re: Battlefields in North Karelia( SS-Nord Division)

    Quote by GOTZVONB View Post
    Thanks for posting the pics. I've read a lot about the SS-Nord battles in Karelia, but it's really nice to see some modern-day pics of the battleground. I like your battlefield relics, too.
    What books have you read about this part of the Continuation War? I'm looking for info on relatives that lived in that area at that time. Anything will be helpful in advancing my project.


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    it's amazing what still remains all these years later it just goes to show you the magnitude of the war

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    i would pay some cash for a helmet or two....
    would love to travel to russia just to explore some site like that...

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    did you see the size of the hole in the one container and those helmets!! also..... Its one of "stalins organs"

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    Excellent photos!!!!! Thanks for posting them!!

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    Cool man. I envy you

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    Default Re: Battlefields in North Karelia( SS-Nord Division)

    Quote by Dieppe 1942 View Post
    Karell, Great photos. Thanks for posting them. It looks like a great area to go exploring.

    WOW! Those relics are a great find! I wish I was out their so I too can go nuts digging and finding WWII relics of the best kind. The Wow factor surely is their!
    Great photos also. Good luck and happy hunting!

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