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Tas Verwundetenabzeichen gold

Article about: Hi chaps, I really want to buy a gold wound badge but, as you know this is a pricey item and I was wondering if you might give me some opinions on authenticity on some of the ones I have see

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    I like the 107, Carl Wild.
    A little pricey though.
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    Quote by Adrian View Post
    I think you're right Ned. I was being put off by the soft details.

    I'm not convinced the finish is original though, what do you think?
    Y'know that was the only thing that really bothered me! It does look odd, as if the light was tinted or maybe it's been sprayed and then partially cleaned off if you get my drift? It does lok a bit matt, and sometimes silver badges take on a yellowish tinge in my experience, so it's a bit of a concern I guess.

    BTW, I had a mooch around earlier and found this fake version of the Glaser & Sohn badge by Staegmeier so i'll put it up for reference. It's easy to see how folks get fooled when they are like this pretty good looking fake.

    Regards, Ned.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Tas Verwundetenabzeichen gold   Tas Verwundetenabzeichen gold  

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    Default Re: Tas Verwundetenabzeichen gold

    the surface details on that L22 are odd enough to steer me away from it and to another example.

    in particular, the obverse beading details are soft to the point of fading out almost completely in places and irregular in appearance. i don't want to jump up in scream "fake" as it could very well be OK, but it's certainly an example you'd have little trouble avoiding for one that's better.

    this has been pointed out.

    the Carl Wild is a really good example and i'd have no problem owning it.

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