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Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

Article about: Hello guys, what do you think about this one: I am aware the catch is repaired.. Thank you, A.

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    Default Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    Hello guys, what do you think about this one:

    I am aware the catch is repaired..

    Thank you,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold   Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold  

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    save your money for a better one

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold


    However, do you mean it from the point of view of the authenticity or the condition of it?

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    A fake for me,sorry. Stewy S

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    Thanks for opinions guys.

    Stewy, may I ask why you believe its a fake? Not that I am contesting your opinion, but it is offered by a dealer usually considered trustful. So I if it really is a fake (which I believe you) I would like to know for sure... to consider this dealer as "not trustful anymore"

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    looks ok to me L/58 wartime mark of "Artur Jakel & Co., Gablonz/N
    59 Louis Keller, Oberstein"...

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    thank you militarymania...

    so, no more opinions?

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    IMO it's a real silver award painted gold. I agree with Stewy. There is no way the paint would wear like that. Top left of swas the high spots are painted and the painting is missing from the low spots. Same with the pebbling. Paint on high spots but not low. You will know quick enough if you buy it.

    Take care,

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    Poor rendition. Blunted sword tip on right sword and crooked looking handle on left one. Overall poor detail. Originals are much sharper.

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    Default Re: Verwundeten-Abzeichen - Gold

    ok guys, thank you all.

    although the price was very interesting, I will pass this one...


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