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Verwundetenabzeichen 20 Juli 1944 in Gold

Article about: hi if this is gen whats the going rate ?

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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen 20 Juli 1944 in Gold

    the gold A.H wound badge is gold on silver to my knowledge so should be marked 900.

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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen 20 Juli 1944 in Gold

    Here's a thread with some originals: 20 Juli Verwundetenabzeichen.

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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen 20 Juli 1944 in Gold

    Quote by Adrian Stevenson View Post
    That one is 100% bad.

    I have seen several originals, one last month in Germany and the quality shines through.

    Cheers, Ade.

    Looks like it was "aged" for lack of better term--with sandpaper.

    I checked a month or two ago on Weitzes site and they had a few July 20 Silver Wound Badges for sale and about 20 Tank Destruction Strips. I wonder if any of them were legit?

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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen 20 Juli 1944 in Gold

    pic of back of badgeClick image for larger version. 

Name:	Lot 270(1).jpg 
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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen 20 Juli 1944 in Gold

    Poo . Was going to suggest not bothering with the pic of
    the reverse. As suspected from the get-go, it's Bad.

    Last spring I saw a fake '20 July' badge in solid silver
    selling for $500.........!


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    I currently own this badge, i'ts gilt and it hasn't been sanded. It is natural age and looks to be very old. Real gilt does tarnish, it looks much like the earlier tombak gilt tarnish on a 30 marked Wein. The date and signature are Rhodium polished. It is a pleasure to look at under a 16x loop.

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    sorry Mortyr but that's not tarnish,thats scratches,I don't see how in any way this could be an original badge.

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    By just looking at the pics on this site I can certainly understand how you could come to that conclusion. Please don't take my response as a jab, thanks for the reply.

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    These are so rare and you see so many fakes only 24 awarded and each awardee given two badges I think 100 made some to allow for upgrades can't remember the split.I think Hermann Fegelein's silver had a reserve of $15,000 at auction last year not sure it sold though.A good one should be documented ones of these would be one of my holy grails.


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    no problem cheers.

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