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Verwundetenabzeichen black rough condition?

Article about: Hi, guys i would like to know what you guys think of this verwundetenabzeichen? Mostly if its fake or real. Thanks in advance.

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    The rust is killing it but not everybody collects for the value, and as a piece of history the bagde has its value anyway.
    But with so much rust and no catch it not worth the shipping costs. If you can pick it locally for a very cheap sum, then why not?

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    Quote by Jody View Post
    Here is a bit of advice from a person who has been collecting for 41 years. For the most part, starter pieces are great for wasting money (unless it is free or for nothing). Most 3rd Reich stuff is common (especially black wound badges), they are all over the place (2 nice brass examples were for sale on this forum). So why invest money in one with rust and no catch. Part to building a nice collection is patience, and many want to do it over night. If you wait, a nicer example will come along (maybe for the same price or even less). Quality is the key to this hobby. Trust me, this stuff will pop up again. Heck over the years I have bought back at least 20 things that I used to own and sold and bought back at a later date (I just bought a piece back a while ago that I sold in 1979).

    I will never forget (around 12 years ago), I met a guy at the SOS Show who was selling off his collection of Eastern Front Medals (he had over 50 of them and all by the different makers). All of his medals had one thing in common, they were all in horrible shape (zinced out, many had dirty and frayed ribbons), and now he was trying to sell them. Guys came along and looked at them and by the day I left, it looked like very little if any were sold. He was telling folks it would make a nice filler. I had three Eastern Front Medals at the show, all were mint and I sold all of them on the first day of the show. The moral to the story is that quality sells, and junk does not.

    Just a bit of observation and advice about space fillers.

    Wise words indeed !

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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