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Article about: A private purchase piece, perhaps...jeweler's piece? The needle almost looks square...

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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen(gold)

    ah 40!

    well yes... at that price there is something to be said. you're right... there's mystique and there's a chance perhaps!

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    anyway... it's a great post. i think the discussion is great on this one.

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    Hi Nick,it most surely is the most different peice i have come across in my near 25 years of collecting,it just rings of quality(even if it turns out not to be original!)When in hand the weight is solid and heavy and the "gold wash" is smooth,even and most definatley not a paint of some kind. It really is a conundurum!I personally am fascinated by this one and am so pleased to have shared it with you learned gentlemen.

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    Referring to William's post #38.

    The quality of an item or the parts thereof is not always a hard and fast way to determine if a piece is good or not. Some repros are blatant by the poor quality and some are harder to identify because they have been made to deceive. These things we collect are worth alot of money and the fakers will go to extraordinary lengths to make them as accurate and high quality as possible.

    On the flip side of that, some original awards are poor by comparison to some fakes yet they are original so the quality of a piece shouldn't be used to pass judgement without considering other factors.

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