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Verwundetenabzeichen in schwarz?

Article about: Hello all As you can see i am new to the fourm! hello! I have been collecting Canadian WW2 medals for a little while now and am wanting to expand my collection to include some German Medals.

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    Default Verwundetenabzeichen in schwarz?

    Hello all

    As you can see i am new to the fourm! hello!

    I have been collecting Canadian WW2 medals for a little while now and am wanting to expand my collection to include some German Medals. As of right now I have my eyes on a Black wound badge!

    From the Info i have read there were alot of these given out so not to rare, but can some of you more experienced members give some imput on these awards?
    Also is it commen to get Paper work for a Black Wound Badge?

    Thank you for your time

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    Default Re: Black wound Badge?

    Hi Adanac and welcome to the forum

    The Wound badge is quite a complicated subject and would be impossible to advise in detail on a thread like this.

    There are many many variants and many fakes too!

    All I can advise is search and study forum threads and ask questions, you will learn so much that way.

    If you see one you would like to buy it is essential you get a photo of it to the forum experts to check out first.

    Good luck as Wound badges are a lovely item to collect

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    Default Re: Black wound Badge?

    Welcome to the forum from me too.
    Nick has offered some good advice. Research is very important so again, check out the threads regarding Wound Badges and don't be afraid to ask.
    If you have your eye on a potential purchase, post some photos here for the guys to take a look at.

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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen in schwarz?

    I am looking at buying the badge from a very reputable dealer that has been recomended on this site and from other collectors. I cant get a picture of it!

    Thank you for the replys i am also going to buy a Black wound badge document that the seller also has for sale. Are these very rare or is it worth the effort to get this paperwork?


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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen in schwarz?

    Who is the dealer? The good ones will hold an item for you until you've got it checked out and if real there shouldn't be a problem.
    Why not add a link here to the item or website?
    I don't think the paperwork is particularly rare and it's entirely up to you if you want to get an example to go with your badge.
    Each collector has their own way of collecting, some collect just the badges, some just the documents, some both. The decision of what to collect and how to spend your money is yours!
    I would advise to try and focus on one or two areas to start with and get good at it/them instead of collecting everything in sight.......

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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen in schwarz?

    Thank you agian!!

    I Have to wait until monday to try and contact the seller again!

    This is the biggest problem for me! I have an eye for anything history. Like i said in the OP i have been collecting Canadian war medals for about 6months now and have collected about 9 of the main and most comen ones!

    I would like to move onto other collections and am having a really hard time trying to figure out were to go! I found the Black wound Badge and found it interesting, I really dont know if i can collect them and olny them but right now they are in my Price Range and might be a good way to start off into the German collections..

    I also have to say that i have spent almost 7hrs reading on this site on this very sunny sunny Sunday!


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    Default Re: Verwundetenabzeichen in schwarz?

    welcome to the,read,& learn much here...

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