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Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz.

Article about: it would really help to see some better pictures of that hinge and catch.

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    this is the second one i have seen and commented on with images on this forum.

    buried somewhere here is the first.

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    Circuit advertisement Verwundetenabzeichen in Schwarz.
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    Advertising world

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    Yes, ill never look at another the same way.

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    what are you doing up anyway? it's late out here.

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    Quote by tempelhof View Post
    in my opinion it's a copy. and one i am familiar with. this is not the first one i've seen.

    you see the one with the yellow arrows... they all share the traits found in the OP's badge.

    they are good copies and will pass examination on the first run through if one is not familiar with this particular fake, but it is indeed a known fake.

    i've highlighted the main issues the most damning of which is the hinge block. this block, as stated before, is not found on original L/11 examples.

    this, with the other traits such as the short-legged "L" and characteristic dot pattern issues, make the identification.
    I don't want to believe that this is a copy.................

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    that's okay. i don't either.

    but i must express my opinion based on my experience in the assessment of this particular badge and based on its assessment by other advanced wound badge collectors known to me in the community.

    you are free to discount my opinion. i don't like to think of mine as flawless. but i do attempt to back up what i say, especially if the news is bad.

    the traits i identify on this badge are known to the community so i am not just trying to pan it based on some personal likes or dislikes relative to its not fitting some idiosyncratic idea i have on what a badge should or should not look like. i try to stick to accepted norms recognized among collectors of these things.

    you might seek second opinion on this but you must have it from very experienced collectors of them.

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    from another collector:

    "Floch wound badges can be found with
    L /63 GWB with Coke Bottle pin
    L/14 GWB with Coke Bottle pin
    L/14 GWB with round wire pin
    L/53 GWB with round wire pin

    >L/11 BWB with flat standing hinge<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

    127 GWB with round wire pin
    30 GWB with flat pin
    Unmarked with Coke bottle pin
    Unmarked with round pin and flat wire catch
    Unmarked With round pin and regular floch catch"

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    as stated before: the biggest tip-off is the hinge which is wrong for this maker (Deumer).

    the wound badge you show, in my opinion, is made by Johannes Floch.

    his "L/11" wound badge copies are the only ones known to carry this hardware set-up.

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    Mate "...You have been floched...", Like me.
    I have one black wounded badge from "Johannes Floch" too...
    He made good fakes... But not perfect.


    Von River

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    so many Flochs.
    so little time.

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