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Wound Badge

Article about: Hey guys, Well today i am stumped. Ive been collecting German medals for years now and this one has had me wondering for a while. A couple years back i was given 2 wound badges and honestly

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    Hello Morris
    No lecture intended, but this seems to be a recurring theme throughout the forum & it does get annoying.
    Plus the OP has been on the forum since the original post & nothing!


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    I honestly do not see how this went 0 to 60 like that. Yes, i have been collecting for years but this wound badge had me stumped as all the finish is nearly gone and in good faith i asked because i had no idea. I picked this up at a show for 10 bucks so no matter what it was i was getting a deal. Also i always tell people thanks and i dont leave people hanging but the few times i do its a mistake. I dont see why my rare mistake of not saying thank you nearly got my head taken off on this forum. But in all seriousness, since its been brought up

    Thank you to everyone who assisted me with my questions regarding this wound badge and how best to take care of it. I understand that it can be frustrating when helping someone and then they just never give you thanks.

    Once again im sorry this took so long but hopefully by fixing this we can get some of the bad vibes out of here.

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    I don't ask many questions here. In fact this may be the first question that i asked on this forum other than my questions i send to people who are selling medals. I don't post on here 2 times a week asking if something of mine is real or "is this is supposed to look like that" questions. I see it a little unfair on ways. Yes i was wrong, I agree but next time just message me directly and tell me what i did wrong before posting for the world to see that makes me look like an idiot. But Brett i am not upset with you in the least. You know your stuff and i bought my 3 mothers crosses from you. So hope this didn't ruin any ones day


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    I see where Brett is going with this.
    Riley to me is a collector not one of those guys who ask real or fake and how much.
    To see for sell the next week to never hear from them again.
    Nice collection Riley.

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    Hello Riley
    I'm sorry for letting you have both barrels with my little rant. I was letting off steam (prematurely)
    over something that is too common on the forum these days. I bear you no malice or animosity,
    but I think we have a case of mistaken identity as I haven't sold any mothers crosses. Once again
    sorry mate.


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    I think in summary "all's well that ends well"

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