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Article about: New photo

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    StahlhelmStahlhelmStahlhelmStahlhelmNew photo

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    Friends , new photo no opinions?

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    Quote by zeppelin View Post
    Friends , new photo no opinions?
    The problem is with the buckle it is so unusual most people will not have seen one and will not know much about it to be honest, I have only seen less than a handful of these and dont really know much about. From the make up of the buckle I would say it is genuine but I am only going from examples that are in the Angolia book. So in all dont think guys are ignoring you its the lack of knowledge ref the buckle, IMO I think nice original early veteran buckle

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    Thanks Ben. Buckle me. Looks original, can still answer Kirby.

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    Dear Zeppelin

    I suspect that you will never receive a satisfactory response as to whether this extremely interesting Der Stahlhelmbund buckle is original or not. Perhaps it is worth remembering that this buckle by the generic type was not regulated and did not come within the auspice and control of Der Stahlhof in Magdeburg who actually only "approved" three, green painted steel types.

    Max in post 10 suggests as I now do, that there is something not quite right here, although I really cannot put my finger on it.

    I like the roundel and by the intensity of the oak leafs, which to my mind is a good sign. There are no issues with the design of the steel helmet, albeit a slightly unusual configuration for this roundel. Usually, the steel helmets are more "eccentric" rather than offering a really quite accurate representation.

    The even and consistent age darkening to the roundel and the helmet emblem is in my opinion somewhat questionable and the effect looks remarkably artificial and almost too good to be true.

    I would normally expect a striated reverse to the buckle box and also, a pin where the claws are brazed directly on. These features though are often contradicted by "cottage industry" assembles and as such, worthy of ignoring.

    So, there are few subjective observations which are difficult to explain and on top of that, the odd presence of GOSLAR stamped to the buckle edge. If the buckle had been unquestionable in all aspects, then I for one would have dismissed the display of the town name (the original owners surname by coincidence, a town name perhaps?) as a rather pleasant oddity and bonus feature. Instead, it almost suggests that someone has "tried too hard" to dignify this buckle.

    As I mentioned earlier, I suspect that you will never receive a satisfactory response as to whether this buckle is original or not.

    If you like it though, enjoy it for for what it is.



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    Here is what I consider to be a fake roundel. Similar by a casual glance to the one shown on the buckle which started the thread, although on closer examination - quite different.

    Difficult to say in regard to the box and pin shroud/claws.


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Stahlhelm  

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