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Article about: Actually, we do have a past "Der Stahlhelm" related thread and jolly good it is too. Arijas - you have made a very interesting

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    Actually, we do have a past "Der Stahlhelm" related thread and jolly good it is too.

    Arijas - you have made a very interesting point and I wonder, what evidence do you have to support this intriguing suggestion. There are as you know, many original and period buckles which "do not comform".

    Kirby - thankyou. Any Stahlhelmbund buckles to add either here or on the past thread?


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    It's fantasy...In Third reich weren't any political or civil organization,which had this bucle.
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    Love it. Super rare buckle that I have only seen in books. I have never even seen one for sale. Kirby

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    Hi again,
    My information source is The Collector's Guild .There aren't any examples with bucle, which is in first post.And in the internet I don't find any examples with that bucle.Also i know that Stalhelmbund organisation members weared those bucles(I add the examples).But when i saw your direct in your stalhelmbund bucles collection, I could say that I have not enough information about this organisation, and I do big mistake, when I said that your bucle is fantasy...
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    Thankyou for your response, however as a collector to a collector, may I suggest that you are perhaps a tad careful about using dealers sites as your point of reference. There are sites out there which are good, bad, indifferent - and dangerous!

    An investment toward some buckle reference books and talk, talk, talk with the boys on this forum, is I think the best way.

    By the way, in relation to the two buckles that you have shown, the chap on the right is the officially sanctioned Stahlhelmbund buckle, although the other one is Steirischen Heimatbundes ?



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    Thanks for advices.I agree, communication with forum members provide lots of useful info.
    Other is freikorps heimwehr steiermark personnel's buckle.

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