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Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

Article about: Donnerwetter. Mine was earlier than than, and I surely did not get such a sum for it...

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    Final section for this thread of my new display.

    The last section bridges the cap between the Reichswehr and the new uniforms of the wehrmacht.

    Top is a kraftfahr RW visor that has been re-issued to a panzer abwehr unit who inherited the rosa waffenfabre after 1935/36 and it is adorned with the new insignia used 1936-1945.

    Then an artillery cap, still teller shaped but with the new insignia and aluminium chin cord and sporting the new regulation dark green cap band........

    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    For good measure the last cabinet covers examples of the three officer field caps issued 1936-1945 but that's for another thread!

    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    Shot of them all in a row..............

    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    Next job is to look at sorting several hundred RW pictures that i have yet to catelogue so hopefully some of the best will find their way onto this thread later on.

    cheers for looking


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    Here are some nice shots for the 10th kompanie Artillery Regt 5 circa 1932. Came as a job lot but some historical vandal had stripped a photo album and these were all that was left.

    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    The last shot shows a soldier walking out in Trier going through the Roman Gate in 1932/33 and here I am going through it in 1978 with my mam !!

    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934



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    Wonderful collection Tony, thanks for sharing

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    Default Ddr

    Quote by spandau View Post
    Tonights offering....

    In late 1927 regulations changed to introduce the officers chincord. This was silver for officers to rank of Oberst and gold for those above. It was made from "german silver" thread and hence tarnished with age.

    This is a cap I have shown before but is as close as you can get to the 1927 regs cap in terms of measurements and insignia. it is a private purchase from Robert Lubstein...



    Attachment 297956
    looks a lot like an East German border guards hat

    only different shape/badges of course

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    Stumbled across this nice-looking transitional Jaeger visor on a dealer site:
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934   Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934  

    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934   Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934  


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    Hi Spandau!

    Today I would like to discuss about your field cap "M.28/29".
    And now I will illustrate in pictures their use in the Reichswehr.

    Your experimental cap (dated 1929).
    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    Reichswehr Mannschaften - Versuchs Schiffchen M.29
    This photo probably dated ~ 1929-1932 (I think so).
    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    Dated 1934 photo - Lastwagen und Soldaten.
    The soldier on the right - wears a M.29 cap.
    But other - new M.34 universal Feldmuetze.
    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934
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    Hey Hans

    Great pictures of the cap in wear, they are hard to find as they were only issued to several divisions.

    Please keep adding value to the threads.



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    Very cool thread! Great stuff.

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    Thank you, friends.

    So let's continue the publication of the rarest eBay photo?

    All right. Then present to you a few Reichswehr pictures.

    Around 1928.

    ~1928 Four Unteroffiziere in new M.27 Shirmmuetze (with smooth round crown).
    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    1928 dated. Grafenwöhr place. Feldmuetze M.21.
    III. Bataillon (Bayreuth) 21. Infanterie-Regiment.
    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

    1928 Sennelager: Reichswehr im Manöver. LKW und Melder mit Motorrad.
    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934

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    Thumbs up

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934   Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934  

    Reichswehr Caps 1919 -1934  

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