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1859 Sharps derringer

Article about: Hello Friends, I hope you are all well today. This interesting little derringer has been in my family for along time, and i have always enjoyed looking at it. I thought you might like seeing

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    Quote by big ned View Post
    "Get in the ******* van!!"
    That had me LMAO. With 4 kids I have found myself saying that quite often!

    That is a fantastic little Sharps. I love the engraving on that fine piece . It's hard to tell from the pic's but I'm not seeing any signs of lines or grain in the grips. I have seen them with wood and also a black synthetic rubber. So what type of material do you think they are?

    Semper Fi

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    Looks like bone or ivory for the grips-trying to shoot it would be a bad idea-it's a 19th century weapon made using 19th century materials and tolerances, not intended for modern ammo.

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    its a great looking pistol and the other to.

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    Puppies and free candy! Dude I'm in!


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    Thanks Phil! I believe the grips are ivory.


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    That sharps is in fact the dreamgun of mine when i was collecting guns. I never bought one even i could get one imported legally since it is legal to won guns older than 100years (or something like that, i forgot since i got of that addiction)
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    Quote by Martin C View Post
    Thanks Phil! I believe the grips are ivory.

    Most likely.
    Nice piece!
    If it were not so difficult to own hand guns here, I would likely have a few.
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    Very nice Sharps.

    I specialize in M1 carbines and Lugers.

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