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1878 Maastricht Beaumont rifle

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    Default 1878 Maastricht Beaumont rifle

    hello Gents,
    i went to a few yard sales yesterday for something to do. i asked a guy if he had any old military items not out for the sale. he brought out this rifle, it had a little fresh surface rust on it, and really dirty around the bolt. (it has been a very damp summer here). he handed it to me and told me the price. i could not get my hand in my pocket any faster. he was happy and i was too. i knew it was an old dutch rifle, but thats it. but for 20 bucks i thought if nothing else it would be a good wall hanger. but after a little cleaning, it seems to be smooth and working well. i striped the bolt down and used carb. cleaner and it took the old oil and dirt right off. i looked it up, and i think its a converted model, it has the pressure release holes in the chamber. any other info would be great.
    thanks andrew

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -dsc03848.jpg   -dsc03851.jpg  

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    -dsc03859.jpg   -dsc03857.jpg  

    -dsc03849.jpg   -dsc03853.jpg  

    -dsc03854.jpg   -dsc03850.jpg  


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    i don;t know much about this rifle but i can tell you it sure is a beuty for 20bucks thats brill


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    A bargain! Very nice rifle!
    Thanks for showing.


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    It's a Dutch Beaumont Vitali M1871/88 long rifle-a conversion of the M1871 rifle with a bolt mounted extractor added and a magazine cut off added on the left side of the receiver-will be in 11.3mm x 51R round black powder-4 round magazine-Dutch service rifle until replaced by the Mannlicher types at the end of the 19th century but like many other older weapons still used in the colonies and as a reserve weapon until 1940. A steal at that price!

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    I really want to get to yard sales in US, who cares of vecas casinos? 20 backs huh? You can have a bottle of crappy vodka in UK for $20.

    Nicely done!

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