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1878 nepali francotte martini henry

Article about: just taken delivery of my winter project - a 1878 Francotte Martini Henry short lever - from IMA. This is one of their "untouched" firearms from the Nepal cache. With the "unt

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    Well done! The butt looks quite solid too. Peter Dyson in Yorkshire sometimes has butt plates for the Mk11.
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    Finshed the clean up. I decided to go for a fairly light touch as did not want to over finish it and loose any character, so it is not mint but will makes a very nice display piece I think. Metal work was just degreased and given a light go over with fine wire wool and then oiled. Woodwork took longer as the grease and dirt was very ingrained, though I didn't want to loose the various markings on the stock by stripping off too much. Once stripped back as far as I felt comfortable, it was given a couple of coats of mahogany woodstain and finished off with wood oil. The action was stripped and cleaned/oiled and works well and the bore was in remarkably sound condition. It is still missing a butt plate and I have added a repro sling that I got off ebay to give it a finishing touch.

    1878 nepali francotte martini henry1878 nepali francotte martini henry1878 nepali francotte martini henry1878 nepali francotte martini henry1878 nepali francotte martini henry

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    Looks beautiful!

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    Hi there, I know I'm a little late to this but thanks to your thread I managed to figure out what everyone told me was a khyber Pass Martini is in fact a Francotte, I paid 100 for it in a junk shop a few years back, I'm nearly done, I just need a new breech block and front sight, I was wondering if you had any advice on getting hold of the former?

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    We have one of these rifles coming up for auction at work on Monday.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    You did a nice job on that Harry!...
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