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1911 advice

Article about: I would buy the springfield if I was going to shoot it. I would not trade your m1 carbine. It is worth more than the Springfield. If you are looking for a collector grade 1911 or 1911A1 I wo

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    I think you can get it refinished for free and ask to include all the original parts for free, but it is 700$ and a civilian exported model. I do not know how reliable they are but it looks like a cheap alternative, not sure if it is worth that though since its not military?

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    It has the look, along with the lanyard and the grip's. It would have the look you want. But then again so does the BRAZILIAN made Springfield. If you display it in a holster, only you would know about the Argentinean police markings. Pick up a cheapy and then save your cash until you can get one of the $2-3K originals. I didn't have the cash for an original and wanted a .45 .I also wanted something American made that had the look and something I could also shoot and shoot well. I went with the Remington R1 with the match barrel and bushing. One thing to think about also if you want a shooter, is to get the feel and how the sights align when it in you hand. Get a shop that will let you look at all of your options and see what think. Its all up to you!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote by AmericanKraut View Post
    COLT 1911A1 1930 Original - Best Grade
    What do you gents think of these...
    I would still recommend a modern manufactured M1911A1, the Argentine police M1911A1 is over 80 years old, could have fired many 1000's of rds by now? it's more of a collector's item now, it's done it's service.

    I had a WWII German P-38 and the slide completely cracked all the way through after firing 2,000 rds

    for collecting purposes the old ones are great , but for serious range use that you will probably use for many years of recreational shooting, the modern ones are the way to go.

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    I found a great deal on a Kahr arms / Auto-Ordinance 1911 and a few accessories.
    Does anyone know how to tell the age of grips I added an original pair.
    1911 advice
    1911 advice

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    Personally, I never did care all that much for the Government Colt 45's. When you shake them, they sound like they're full of BB's. You're lucky, by the way, that you didn't pick up one of those Argentine's. They've almost all had the living Hell shot through them and are worn to the point of almost being dangerous-even the "choice grade" ones. Years ago, I tried 5 different and never did find a decent one. The best piece I ever found was the Colt look-alike Spanish made Star Model P. A Solid tight automatic that never gave me a single misfire or jam and could group superbly at 30 yards. Unfortunately, they stopped making them somewhere around 1975, but they're definitely worth looking for today. The only visual difference is that they don't have a grip safety-which I prefer anyway. They look like something The Shadow would have carried with him! Nice automatics!

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Yeah I am glad I got the one I did it had a few jams in the first 40 rounds but after 100 it has been shooting pretty solid and accurate at 20-50 yards

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    I have a number of the 1911 family, Springfield's, Colt, Taurus PT 1911, Smith & Wesson 1911 and Kimber as well as a WW II Colt 1911A1. Of all my commerce 1911's the S&W 1911 is my favorite. A close 2nd and the biggest bang for the buck is the Taurus. It is loaded with features that of 1911's that cost hundreds of dollars more. It is as accurate great trigger as any of the others and has been utterly reliable.

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