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1914 Retolaza "Eibar" 7.65mm

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    Default 1914 Retolaza "Eibar" 7.65mm

    Here's some pics of a nice pistol a friend gave me last year. It dates back from 1914 and was made in Spain for the French army at the beginning of the great war. There were many factories in Spain who produced the Ruby pistol, whitch was in fact a simply copy of a Browning pistol, but simplified as the Ruby had no grip-safety. This is a reasonable good quality one, but there are some examples known from other manufactures whitch were not of very good workmanship.
    We fired two boxes of 7.65 's with it before I cleaned and oiled it, and it went into my collection.

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -afbeelding-154.jpg   -afbeelding-155.jpg  


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    Nice present!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Quote by stuka f View Post
    Nice present!

    Some present!

    Some friend!

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    Neat gun!
    Thanks for showing us.
    I keep telling my friends to give me guns for my birthday, but instead I get socks, underwear and books.
    I guess I need new friends.

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    Nice Gift. I own a gun that I think belonged to my grandfather. It too is a Ruby. I have searched every part for identification marks. I found the letter "V" on the barrel under the slide. Some sights say this stands for "V. Fabrica De Armas, Durango "Vencedor." However the gun is stamped with "Stosel" as in the picture:

    Did Fabrica De Armas also make a "Stosel" brand line?

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