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1939 98K All Matching Rifle

Article about: Hello all, I got a call today from a US Army vet looking to part with a 98K rifle he picked up from the family of the GI who shipped it home. Apparently they have the capture papers, but hav

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    Good link, thx.

    Mauser I'll go look now, just got done with the honeydo list... for now anyway ;-)

    Edit; found it, awesome piece and history!

    Something you never get rid of, I hope you can pass it down when the time comes.

    I thought it might be in the 98k pinned thread so I was looking in there, and it seems every single 243 code - and there are quite few! - has a red glue lam stock, so this is a good learning experience.

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    Thanks for comments. Yep be going to my son eventually. As I said did not get my hands on it until around 1970. Think my dad was afraid I might swap it for that Ruger 10/22 I had been hounding him for!!!! LOL Yep glad it is still in the family.

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    I love olde Ruger 10/22's, got one in a trade ages ago, a '74 I think it was, killer walnut stock metal buttplate, like a fool I traded it off as soon as I got it, who knows for what, but I kicked myself ever since. Some things are like that.

    I finally got one again from around the same vintage, they sure are neat, like a little itty bitty M1 Carbine in a way.

    The 10/22's they make now are utter trash, I hear the receivers say Made in China on the inside...

    My kid bought one in "stainless" a couple years ago. Wait... that's not stainless, that looks like Plastikote over pot metal, plastic barrel band, the thing weighs about half as much as an old one. The last of the good ones were made in 1998.

    Anyway, 10/22 talk over ;-) My point is that your Dad was right, and back in the day it would have been an even trade. Now, a clean matching 243 code is worth 20 common everyday used 10/22's!

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    Ahh yes. Good old vintage Ruger. Did end up with one according to the serial no. made in 66. Saved my paperwork but got stolen back in 74. Real walnut and decent bluing all for $56 new back then!!! Mannlicher stocked ones are worth a bundle.

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    Picked up the rifle today! Thank you very much for all the comments. The upper guard and stock do match to the rest of the gun. So it would appear I do have a matching 243 Code 98K.

    I have learned a lot from everyone who has commented, and I very much appreciate the shared knowledge!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture 1939 98K All Matching Rifle   1939 98K All Matching Rifle  

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    Ya done well Doug! Congrats
    "Please", Thank You" and proper manners appreciated

    My greatest fear is that one day I will die and my wife will sell my guns for what I told her I paid for them

    "Don't tell me these are investments if you never intend to sell anything" (Quote: Wife)

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    Thank you Map!

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    "Done well" alright... you hit the jackpot, bro!!!!!

    Nice to know this can still happen! Take good care of it, clean the bore, etc... and get that sling (and sight hood if it's grooved for it. I might have a line on a sling fairly reasonable, although I should be the one buying it, but it was actually a little too nice for mine, it's not something you want to mismatch. This rifle is clean enough to get a sling showing a lot of crosshatching, the pattern on the leather. You also need to watch out that the keeper "frosh", is genuine WWII German. There are a lot of non Third Reich variations of the keeper, and even more fakes, and I don't mean el cheapo repro, I mean good repro... but they have that obvious too new look.

    PM me if you want to check on that sling.

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    Thank you Larboard, I gave it a good cleaning when I got home, as I could tell that the previous owner may not have done that as much as it needed. Bore looks great from what I can tell, nice and shiny.

    Your input on this thread has been great. I can tell you really know your stuff and I appreciate you giving teaching me as much as you did on these beautiful rifles!

    PM coming your way!

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    Very nice,I have an identical stock...........bayonet come with rifle?

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