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1943 Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk. I

Article about: Hi guys, My girlfriend got this for me for my birthday! It's a 1943 No. 4 Mk. I made by ROF Maltby. I have ordered an original sling and a replacement rear sling mount. My rifle collection i

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    Very nice let us know how she shoots .

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    Thanks again for the kind words, guys. The sling arrived in the mail yesterday but I am still waiting on the rear sling swivel. She's almost complete!

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    What a wonderful girlfriend you have Mo,my misses wouldn't know where to even start looking,nice Enfield.........

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    Nice rifle. What is the metal stick on the front barrel band for?


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    Emile, that's the stacking swivel. It lets you stick three rifles against each other, kind of like a teepee. They weren't popular among British troops, though, so many of them were quickly discarded.

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    Very nice, like it lots. Many happy hours with "her" I think!

    Didnt know No4s had a stacking swivel?

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    The stacking/piling rod/swivel is a Turkish modification as they used Mausers with cleaning rods beneath the barrels for the same function-was not used on British rifles by the time of the adoption of the No.4 rifle-British piling swivels for the earlier LEs look like sling swivels with a cut out in the 'loop'-the Turks received the rifles as post war aid when they joined NATO-apparently large numbers were sold as surplus into the US in recent years.

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