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1943 Mosin Nagant Tula ex-sniper reborn!

Article about: After a trip to the FedEx center and a scare that they could not find the box...I got home and got to look at my reborn ex-sniper. A pretty 1943 Tula in a laminate stock. George Tossan did t

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    Default Re: 1943 Mosin Nagant Tula ex-sniper reborn!

    Even though the temperature was about 25 degrees this morning, I decided to take the Tula out and run some rounds through her. I grabbed my old Soviet WWI backpack as a rest and headed down the hill to my range.

    I ran 20 rounds of 184gn standard Privi through her at 50 yards and started to zero her. One adjustment had me just outside the bull to the right but with the cold I found it hard to make the minute adjustment and kept bouncing back and forth from one side to another.

    After a last adjustment, I opted to switch to some hand loads. Based on a bullet test, I had decided to try pushing Hornady 174gn .3105s through her - with 43.5 gns of Varget. I took 3 shots and was almost dead on.

    At this point, my hands were getting pretty cold so I decided to push my target out to 100 yards and fore 6 check rounds.

    Here is my result. I was using a 6 O'clock point of aim so I am still a touch low - but given the temperature and bulky clothes...and my rush to finish...I am very happy. She's shooting a tad over 1 MOA - and probably better had I not pushed the first round left.

    Many people like to push the rumor that the ex-snipers were taken out of service because they are shot out. Both of my restored ex-snipers are tack drivers and kill that rumor - in fact, they both have much stronger bores than my actual '43 Tula.

    I think I'll bring both with me to Quantico next weekend for the Vintage Sniper Match - will probably use my '42 Izhevsk for the match since that's the rifle I have worked with extensively. I need more driving time with this one - but she sure has great promise.

    1943 Mosin Nagant Tula ex-sniper reborn!
    COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)

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    Default Re: 1943 Mosin Nagant Tula ex-sniper reborn!

    Nice shooting, Mark! Thank you so much for sharing your results with us!

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