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.303 Id Help

Article about: John Brandon is one of the members here, sooner or later he'l find this thread and be able to give you the information that you are looking for Thanks Danny

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    Default Re: .303 Id Help

    John Brandon is one of the members here, sooner or later he'l find this thread and be able to give you the information that you are looking for



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    Default .303 Ballistics Question

    Thanks everyone for your help.
    I managed to find a photo of what a .303 Grenade Cartridge looks like and they don't have a "Rose Crimped" end as my photos show, bummer.
    The American version for their M1 guns looks exactly what I have, but they have a Semi-Rimmed shell, which is what I think caused the confusion in the first place.
    The shells I have are Blanks, but I have heard another theory which I would like to run by you boys:

    Could blanks be used to fire a Mills 36 rifle grenade, should no "Official" shells be available?

    I'm a little skeptical of this notion, As I'm given to understand that Grenade Cartridges powder is generally more powerful than standard "Ball" rounds. My belief is that Blank rounds would probably be weaker than standard rounds as they only need to go "POP", and if were used to try to propel a grenande, might end up being spat out on the ground right in front of you!

    What's your thoughts?
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    Default Re: .303 Ballistics Question

    What Ho Gang, as a newbie I have been bumbling around this site and just stumbled over this thread.

    Not too sure if any of the original posters are here, but on the off chance that I have awaken the
    living dead" i comment that as the owner of a Burns Cup Discharger and lotsa New Zealand CAC 303 blank plus a 3 tins of 303 Walsrode grenade launcher rounds, I can express the opinion that any attempts to launch a 1 1/2 Lb #36 Grenade would probably result in an appearance in the Obituary column of "The Times" I make this comment as a result of having dissected a conventional blank 303 cartridge in an effort to find why t was not LOUD and finding to my surprise, that it is only filled 50%. In contrast, the 303 Walsrode grenade launcher rounds are far longer and 100% filled.

    Well, that's my penny worth. Hope I haven't upset anybody.

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    Default Re: .303 Ballistics Question

    Hello mate,
    Welcome to the forum, I'm sure everyone will make you feel welcome.

    I would totally agree with you and say there should be quite a difference in "performance" between a blank and Grenade Firing round. It would be very wasteful to fill all blanks just in case they were to be used to launch a grenade.

    However I do recall a couple of months ago on another Thread on this website, someone saying that blanks were used just before the outbreak of ww2. I really have no idea but I will keep searching.


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    Default Re: .303 Ballistics Question

    Go to the Ordnance and Ammo section and read the thread by Rich89 on Rifle Grenades ,ranges and ammo.

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