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Hi Mike, I think moderators are just regular people like us. you worry too much. We are supposed to have fun and learn some things along the way too.
I like the site, and the "superhuman gods" that are called "moderators" have all been very nice and helpful, never really seen an ass chewing in the year or so I have been here.

Regards, Steve
You know Kilroy I believe you are right. Everybody is nice. BTW if I had a nickle for every time I heard the phrase "You worry too much" I'd buy pizza for everybody on the site right now. Hell, the biggest smart ars here... is me. and that's pretty harmless. But enough about me.... Let's get back to those 1911's ain't they pretty? Oh another BTW with reference to the 100 yard shots. One day we paced off 100 yards and once you get zeroed it's not that big a deal to hit the target on a regular basis, I was kinda surprised myself. To be honest I'd probably miss across a small room or miss the barn but that hundred yard hit.... with the right lawn chair it's no trick at all. At least is wasn't hard.... "ONE DAY"