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9mm LP42 Flare Gun & Schalldampfer What is This?

Article about: Hi, does someone have more information on this 9mm flare gun with "HUB schalldampfer 1944" stamped on the top of barrel, and what they were used for? I imagine the HUB is the 3 let

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    I'm sorry fellas... I just don't buy this peice. Alot of fantasy third reich arms have surfaced for decades. This example is so crudely executed and the WaA proofs placed where they would not ever have been on a period german firearm. The 9mm barrel is obviously salvaged from a pistol and has bee rather crudely bushed as well to fit the flare pistol tube. The hand stamping just adds more to the reality of it being a fantasy peice.
    Some guys just want to believe in such gray area worship.. I'm not one of them and don't personally know a single WW2 german arms collector that owuld buy into this particular peice and all it's glitter.

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    Default Re: 9mm LP42 Flare Gun & Schalldampfer What is This?

    The hand stamped ANSI die markings are uh, "unusual" and curiously match those on the "holster". Is it a rare, exotic, 9mm Gestapo SS fallschirmjaeger panzer assassin spy pistol or is it bubba's fantasy built up from one of the LP.42s the flooded this country, cheap, over the last 20 years? Aside from making no practical sense whatsoever, on a positive note it is rare; certainly as rare as the nickel plated artillery Luger with a Zf.41 rail I saw on Gunbroker years back.
    Spoon Bill

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