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About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

Article about: I want to combine both collecting and shooting. I've always been intrested in history and I enjoy hunting. So I want to be able to shoot with my k98 and i want it to be a collectible. Once a

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    Default About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    I'm about to buy my first Mauser K98k and I'm not sure what I should look for. I live in Sweden and the only store so far that can import the K98 have these to offer me. I do not know if they are any good at all. Any help is appriciated!

    Anyway, these are the guns im offerd at the moment.

    K 98, -dou 43- "Waffen Werke Brünn AG", the numbers does not match but with VK stamps. Price is 1014 $

    Mauser K 98, 1937. Patterned on the system sleeve. Equal numbers.
    Made for Portugal, but they were never sent away. Price 1 362 $

    K 98, -bnz 44- "Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG". Without cleaning rod. Price: 1 135 $

    K 98, -bnz 42- "Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG". Without cleaning rod. Price: 1 135 $

    Thank you, regards Paul!

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    Hello Paul, The 98K to look for is an all numbers matching German issued and dated rifle with no parts missing and a good bright bore with sharp rifling. The earlier issues in the 1930's are preferable to the late war time years such as 1944-45. The wood should be in good solid condition and the metal should retain most if not all of it's original bluing. I would definitely not ever consider any rifle that has been refinished or restocked or mismatched numbers or missing parts. As with all fire arms, there are super rarities and plain and common types. But if you are seeking a standard 98K Mauser, I would suggest sticking to the points mentioned above. The closest to this in the lot you're looking over seems to be the Portuguese, but I would rather hold out and wait to find a German military issued and marked piece instead. The prices they are asking for the ones you are looking at are, however, quite high in my opinion. Good luck! William

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    I agree, for those have almost reached being able to find a Matching one w/ nice bore/ undamaged wood. Wagriff's account of details are exactly what should be looked for when purchasing any type of rifle really. Good luck and happy hunting. Oh, may I ask what the laws are in Sweden? Are you guys allowed to have real firearms there?

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    Thank you for the quick response! I kinda had a feeling that it was a high price for those guns. I will probably wait and keep looking around for better rifles. It is hard find here in sweden though. And yes we can have "real" firearms here, but we probably have more rules here. I'm sorry for my english btw! At least i hope you can understand me!

    "In order to own firearms for collection purposes required firearms license issued by the police authority for each weapon. Weapons held for collection purposes shall not be used for shooting without special permission from the police. Such permission is given only rarely and usually in the demonstration purpose."

    I almost forgot, as far as i know you can hunt with the k98 so its enough if you have "jägarexamen"... hmm not sure what its called in english. but license to hunt and then ofc the license for the gun.

    There is much more to it then just that, but if you would like to know more i can send you a pm or so =)

    Anyway, if you guys have any tips for me where to look, i would be really happy! I'm already grateful for the answers you have given me!

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    Got another offer today. Not sure if its any better then the last rifles.

    K 98, -bnz 43- "Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG". Without cleaning rod. But with good "Schussleistung". Price: 1 300 $

    What do you guys think?

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    the butt stock and bolt are pitting with the cleaning rod missing im also thinking that the magazine housing screws will be missing as well both are very hard to find and at that price its a bit much try and get a photo of the undeside just in front of the trigger housing


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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    Thank you, I have asked for photos of the underside. It will probably take a day or so before i know if I can get any though.

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    I would pick one with the original finish on the stock. NOT a "renewed" stock. Early model as possible. Also don't be fooled by the protective coating can look like "rust". Some have protective coating that so hard to get off you will think it actually is rust, but underneath it will look brand new. Also look for the trigger spring. It can be really soft. Same with firing pin spring. Firing pin will be kind of delayed when pulling the trigger. If you live in Sweden it should be possible to get one from Europe, Germany for example. I think 1300$ sounds like a high price. I mean, you can buy M1 Garands for nothing.

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    I see, thank you. I have so much to learn. Im not sure where to begin, maybe its best to take a road trip to germany and have look over there. The only problem is it seems to be very much work to import rifles and then again, even if i go to Germany by myself it would not be very hard to trick me into buying something really shitty.

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    Default Re: About to buy my first K98k and I need help!

    dnicee the k98 is its own collection people collect the many thousands of variations 1st do you want to shoot it lots or just collect 2nd are you allowed deactivated guns


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