I have a chance to buy this K43 Sniper. Seller posted this description.
Walther AC45 K43 Sniper Rifle. Rifle is an A block 3 digit rifle. It is complete with the original matching mount. Only the second matching mount K43 that I have owned in over 30 years collecting. Rifle is in excellent condition. Stock is near perfect. Never sanded. Nice 359 proofs on the stock. The bore is mint. The bolt, bolt cover, and firing pin carrier match. It is correctly electropenciled to the rifle with the 3 digits of the serial number. I have put talcum powder on the mount to highlight the serial number. Mount is also 359 proofed. The scope is clear and reticle is present. Complete with rubber eyecup and leather lens covers. The rubber eyecup might be a replacement as it is still plyable. I understand that wartime eyecups are normally stiff with age. Rifle is complete with the original sighthood and correct cleaning rod. What do you guys think? Legit or not?