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amazing find

Article about: A Schmeisser and a keg of There's a great story that will never be known....

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    A Schmeisser and a keg of There's a great story that will never be known....
    After the war in Germany all guns were confiscated by police,my dad was upset because his father,who was returning from Russia gave in his BB gun(the police brought it back twice)...Not everybody complied Some people would rather bury their stuff,It may have been the same in Poland, and remember parts of Poland know were Germany back then...

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    "how is that all ready to go.
    lucky to find a few beer bottle,s from the 60s over here, under a house"

    - geelong

    Well some one I know found an FN Baby .25 cal behind a fireplace while renovating an old house-the grips had melted but otherwise OK but not having your country littered with weapons after being fought over for 6 long years is just something residents of Oz just have to live with...

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