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Another interesting 'Smelly'

Article about: I picked up this rather interesting SMLE this morning at the Liverpool arms fair. The rifle is a 1906 dated SMLE Mk 1* which seems to have had a rather chequered career. At some stage in its

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    This is a nice Parker Ptn 14, shame the forwood is a replica.

    Enfield Rifles

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    Quote by m3bobby View Post
    This is a nice Parker Ptn 14, shame the forwood is a replica.

    Enfield Rifles
    I saw this one, and it is the one I was referring to when I told John I had seen one. For the record it was DS Solutions who told me that no conversions such as to my rifle were ever carried out - and that mine was probably made up from bits to sell as a dect. It wasn't made from bits, and since then I have come across a few pictures of similar rifles and comments from other collectors about this particular modification.

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    Defo not a fake, all the deac .22 patn guns I've seen bar 2 had the original .22 barrel removed and replaced with bog standard .303 barrels.

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