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Another MG 42

Article about: Hi all,i have the opportunity to buy this fantastic machinegun,who is the manufacturer? the numeric year markings are rarer than letter markings? sorry for bad english! waiting for answers :

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    Another MG 42Another MG 42Another MG 42 Hello Lallop, In the 1st picture, left to right Mg42 bipod 'dqc',Mg 42 bipod 'dfb 43' Mg34 bipod 'dqc' 2nd picture markings on 'dfb' In the 3rd picture close up of 42 'dfb' and 34 'dqc'. In the 3rd picture you can see where the 'clips' would have been to attach the bipod to the gun had it of been used on a early 42 with stud. The 'loops' on the legs have been cut off and the 'hooks' to attach it to the 42 have been added. Jonathan. I must add that the very earliest of Mg42 bipods would have attched to the 42 in the same way as the 34 and would have had a little stud under the barrel jacket just like the 34. Only the bipod head would have been different. A little later this was changed to the more commonly found method of attachment and early 42 bipods converted, the 'dfb 43' is an example of this conversion. Jonathan.
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