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any idea what this is?

Article about: Grenade/Flare Launcher...

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    Grenade/Flare Launcher...

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    Quote by bigmacglenn1966 View Post
    Grenade/Flare Launcher...
    I agree.

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    look on this site maybe you will find it most of the ww2 weapons are on this site. WW2 Guns

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    I think it could be a Grappling Hook Launcher, i've seen something very similar somewhere else, can't remember where, but probably more modern than this type.
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    I think its a ship to ship line launcher, possibly WW2

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    I think Dave's got it.......was what I was thinking. Seen plenty in action but never on the working end of one. Shoots a tennis ball sized projectile with a light line attached, from the deck of one ship to the next....the small line pulls over a larger line etc etc etc.....

    Need to clarify my statement "Seen plenty in action".......not this particular item, never seen one like this before, but looks similar in function to the ones used aboard US ship in the 1980's when I was in.
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    Maybe some sort of early riot gun?? Could it be used to fire rubber bullets, smoke and CS gas, flares and bean bag rounds ??

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    Can anyone see a trigger someplace? The stock looks similar to the Lee Enfield
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