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Arisaka for review

Article about: Came across this Arisaka type 38 for sale locally, any Japanese Milsurps are very hard to come by in Canada and usually fetch a "pretty penny". This one here is a Koishikawa arsena

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    I'd think limited Canadian involvement against the Japanese would explain the rarity of Arisaka rifles there, at least until collecting started to be a big thing in recent decades-here Nazi era weapons are far more expensive than WW1 or other WW2 weapons-a good K98k is well north of AUD$ 1,000. Every type has been skyrocketing in value over recent years though-more collectors and the same amount of stuff out there.

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    From what I read on the forums this is true lithgow. Does not seem like many milsurp fans at my gun club but they are out there when I visit a gun show. Third Reich items are going for a premium for sure. Just wish I had more cash to buy up more of this stuff in the early 70s. Some members have shown items picked up at yard sales that would command bigger prices bought elsewhere. Never know what someone will put out there.

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