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Beretta 1915 in 7.65

Article about: These are the correct magazines, for 1915/17, 1922, 1931 and 1932:

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    Default Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    I picked up a decent Beretta M1915 in .32 ACP rather cheap, because it lacked the magazine. I thought I had a correct mag for it, but sadly, the top cartridge is a bit low for the slide to pick it up.
    Does anyone have a photo of the correct holster for this pistol (I normally get the holster first, but I thought I would make things hard for a change)

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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    It looks as though the safety is from a newer model.

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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    Yes, the safety is for a Mod. 1934/35, this is the correct one and this is the holster for your gun.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Beretta 1915 in 7.65   Beretta 1915 in 7.65  

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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    Can you post a picture of your magazine?

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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    Nice pistol, I like it! Thanks for showing.


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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    very nice pistol your gonna have fun hunting down a holster for that


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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    The correct name for your gun is "Brevetto 1915, Model 1917". Your pistol brings # 58xxx so was made in 1919, PS in oval is an inspector marking.

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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    Hey Kanister,
    Thank you for the great information, I do not have a photo of the magazine, but it is actually a magazine for a Frommer STOP that had a bit of machining to the back where the catch fits. but it is a bit too short. The correct magazine is easy to recognize, so I will keep my eyes open at gun shows. I recently saw a holster for sale, but it had the flap removed. I collect WWI uniforms and weapons, and this will be a nice addition.

    This is currently the only Italian handgun that I have in my display


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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    wow that is is a very nice collection of uniforms well done can you show more pictures of the uniforms please


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    Default Re: Beretta 1915 in 7.65

    Hey Tom,
    I hope we do not get moderated for being off topic, but here are a few more photos of the uniforms.
    Trying to stay a little on topic to start, first is my Italian, he has the insignia of an Engineer, the trousers, leggings and Zanio are post war.

    The uniform of a Tiroliean Kaisersschüttzen

    Late war Austrian

    Russian armed with a Winchester M1895 and a M1912 hand grenade


    French Poilu, loading a VB rifle grenade in the discharge cup on his rifle

    British, Canadian in this case due to the Canadian pattern overcoat

    USMC armed with the 1903 Springfield

    US Army infantryman armed with the Eddystone M1917

    US artilleryman

    US Navy, uniform af a friend who served on the USS Western Spirit

    German infantryman with M1915 Gumimaske

    Bavarian infantryman with M1916 Lederschtzmaske

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