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Best WW2 German Pistol

Article about: by Scott1975 Hello Patrick. If you decide on a P38, please take a look at the ones on offer at Chelmsford Militaria. If you phone, ask James for an example that suits your needs as he is ver

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    Quote by Scott1975 View Post
    Hello Patrick. If you decide on a P38, please take a look at the ones on offer at Chelmsford Militaria. If you phone, ask James for an example that suits your needs as he is very helpful. I have had two p38s of him and am delighted with them.His prices are good too. Also, have a look on the P38 forum and find out what to look for when buying.
    Walther (ac) made examples are the best, especially early wartime ones, which have a superior finish. Also try and get one that has the correct grips, as there are specific designs and manufacturers for each P38 manufacturer. Spreewerke (cyq) examples are gaining popularity, but they don't win in the quality stakes. Spreewerke made the least number of pistols of WW2. If going for a Mauser (byf) try for a byf 43, as this is the fist year that Mauser produced the P38 after Luger production finished. As with most German WW2 firearms, quality sufferd during the last few years of the war, but saying that, there are many highly priized late war P38s like the Mauser dual tones. Be aware of post war pieces that were cobbled together using wartime parts, and don't get suckered into buying any 'specials', i.e Kreigsmarine marked ones or Gestapo examples as the Germans only produced 'straight' P38s, and anything like this is sheer fantasy. Regards, Scott.
    Hi Scott,

    thanks for all the information, I really appreciate it! I've just had a look at the Chelmsford Militaria website, and their P38's are very nice, and as you say not overpriced! The information on the makers and dates is extremely useful, especially for when I can hopefully buy one! For now though, I'm going to stick with my 'new' ww2 ppk! I haven't received it yet, but once I do, I'll post another topic containing some pictures of that!

    Many thanks, Patrick

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    Hello Patrick, In reply to your Russian Capture question. Most but not all Russian captured P38s have had a nasty 'X' stamped into them, usually on the slide, but can also be on the frame or lurking behind the grips or inside the slide.This 'X' denotes a captured weapon. Most Russian captures have also been finished with a hot dip, that looks uniform black all over the pistol, even the locking block and other parts that should be neutral metal will be blacked. These processes were done prior to being put into deep storage, although some of these pistols are noted as having been used in Vietnam by the North Vietnamese!. The Russians also produced their own version of grip to replace any damaged ones. These are plastic not bakelite and can be identified by their raised grip lines. Hope this helps, Regards, Scott.

    P.s, there's no need to stay away from them but don't pay over the odds. I think most of the hype is on the American market where there are lots of original GI bring backs available and collectors can be very picky. At least you know that an RC might have seen some action! .

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    Attachment 359772Yep another Luger fan here!!! Heres mine to wet Your appetites....1917

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