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Big bore

Article about: Hello I inherit this gun from my father decades ago. The problem is that i don't know what it is. Is it navy swivel gun, bunt gun, whaling gun, signal gun or what. It is c.1850 because it is

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    Default Big bore

    I inherit this gun from my father decades ago. The problem is that i don't know what it is. Is it navy swivel gun, bunt gun, whaling gun, signal gun or what.
    It is c.1850 because it is percussion lock. It has traces of nickel or chrome plating. The wood is tarnised and maybe birch so maby it's russian but the wood is difficult to recognise. No markings but some numbers. It weighs 24 kg and is about 105 cm long. Bore is about 45mm.
    This is not exatly a proper place to show so old gun, but I am counting Your expertees and experiance In these matters.

    If someone have any idea what this is, I would very grateful.
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    Hi I have seen one of these before a old freind had it (he is gone now) but he reconed it was used like a large shot gun filed with shot or just stones and used to repel boarders or just kill local wilde life for extra food. i dont know if this is correct but he did know his stuff. i have also seen them at arms fairs and usualy sold as such. i have also come across them being sold as fortress guns. this makes sence as they are far too heavy to move around or shoot without support.
    whatever it is its a nice big lump and i would like to have one in my collection

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    Hello and thanks for Your reply.
    I did shoot it many many years ago and noticed that really need very very steady support. The recoil is, allthoug its black powder gun, quite violent. First time I shoot I didn't take that seriously enough and the gun made a few meter fly backwards. So many years my nickname was Lucky "kala".

    I would be wery interested to see any pictures or reference for the thing. Where it is manufactured and who use this kind of gun

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    What you have here is known as a punt gun, fixed to the front of the punt (a small slender boat) row out and basically shoot ducks and wild fowl as they sat on the lake, obviously big bore to hold much shot so one shot would get you a big bag!!!

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    Not discounting the possibility of that interesting example being a punt gun, but it seems a bit on the small side for all the punt guns I've seen.

    If I recall correctly, the North American versions of the punt guns used for "market hunting" (slaughter of whole flocks of fowl with one shot) were huge. They were stocked and usually in excess of 6 feet in length.

    I would closely examine the barrel toward the breech end and see if there are any "proof" marks. If so, they can be used to determine the location of manufacture and country of origin.

    Fascinating old piece.

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    I agree with OwdWullie, this isnt like any punt gun I've seen, I think it could possibly be for throwing a line or something. Whatever its purpose it is none the less a very interesting piece



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    Thank You for your kind replies dogdog47, gibba1008, OwdWullie and GasMasksUK

    I'm afraid the broblems for the gun being a punt gun are
    short barrel - the pellets suitable for birdhunting spread too much (like a sawn shotgun) and the effective range is very short.
    It is meant to aim vertical and horizontal and in the punt boat i think its not safe or practical.

    There are no factory, official, army or other proof marks (Not so easy ). No property marks or anything but few numbers.
    But I am sure, that it's factory made. But witch country or factory?

    The fortress gun or line throwing guns are good choices.


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    Not a positive id ,,just another road for you to go down ,but looks very much like an old whaling/harpoon gun Google Image Result for

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    Hello Spotter

    The whaling/harpoon gun is allso a very good choise. But I would like to have a positive id. Somewhere must be identical gun, because I am sure, that this is factory made. I have a little itch in my a**, that it could be russian. If I have understood right the proof marks were not very common in 19 century.
    Thank you all for your kind answers. If anyone have more ideas, I would be very interested.

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