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bnz 43 contact?

Article about: Here is my new k98 I got for a super good price (below 400). I'm wondering if this is a ss contact. It doesn't have a letter code block. It does have firing proof marks on it I believe and h

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    Don't kick urself to hard, we have all sold crap that we regret, I know I don't want to share this, but I still think about a helmet I sold a long time ago and still regret it. Well I'm trying to figure out the runes your talking about. I just relized these pictures ***** from my cell phone and I put the gun back together and i don't want to take it apart again.

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    I understand sir.
    You might make copies of your photos of the marks to show those that are interested in SS rifles.
    My wife told me she would be happy to kick my butt for me. Ah the love of a female.

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    I hear yeah, that's a good idea about the photos. Yep, my wife gets off on it.

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    Quote by SteveR View Post
    I believe that I see 2 SS ruins there spread apart.
    Pleaze tell my tired eyes exactly where you "think" you see even one SS rune, let alone 2! There are none! That is a standard Heer issued k98k made by Styer.

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