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British-contract Ballester-Molina

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    I recently received this HAFDASA Ballester-Molina, one of about 8000 purchased by the British in 1940-1942. The Ballester is kind of a neat pistol, it was commissioned by the Argentines as a less expensive alternative to the DGFM M1927 (a liscense-built M1911A1). It uses the same mag and the barrel is interchangable, but otherwise it's a different pistol - in fact the lockwork has more in common with a Star than a Colt.

    The British ones are espescially interesting as the bulk of them went to the SOE, with the remainder going to the 8th Army in North Africa. They were never actually given the standard British proofs (I guess because they were intended for the SOE...) and can be identified by a B-prefix serial on the frame, which is actually different from the factory serial number stamped on frame, barrel and slide.

    Mine is generally in good shape, with a great bore, but has some odd pitting on the left of the slide - I think maybe from improper storage. The mag doesn't match, in fact it's a 1911 mag, but on a whole I'm very pleased with it. A neat pistol with a fascinating history - I wish it could talk.

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    The discoloration is usually a good indicator of past "Mexican carry", where the pistol is carried tucked inside the pants against the skin. No holster.

    Nice Ballester Molina.

    I need another one to replace the one I sold years ago.

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