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brown bess

Article about: Hallo, The brown bess. The stamp's (3) are small. 1, crown, with BV 2, number: 30 3, crown with BP Is there someone how can tell me what kind off model brown bess this is. I let the pictures

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    thanks for the response but: i am shocked, a collector i spoke tell's me it's an original musket, i think so to, when i bought this weapon in a antique store in Holland i saw at that moment that the loadstick is very damaged on the end, coused by powderslime, also by the firing-part. This weapon had fired many times in history then. And (you can't see it ) but the stamps are very small and deep and has many details. Stamp off copie's are big and not so deep. The stamps are good, butt hard to get a good photo, that small. One stamp was so dirty, it was first mistaken for a dirty dent. So maybee is this weapon a mixed off (replaced) parts butt the barrel is made in England. Greetings, Mark.

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    The most important is that you are happy with it!

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    I have some more picture's.

    But no, i brought the weapon up not for nothing, i payed no sovenir price for it, i think he has a lot of replaced parts, butt it is a orig. for militairy made musket.

    For instance, in Arabie they used that kind off a weapon
    until 1905.

    ps it's hard for me to name the parts in Englisch words, so the barrel and the wooden barrelkeeper are good. the firing mechanism is used butt no org part off the weapon i think.

    Greetings, Mark.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture brown bess   brown bess  

    brown bess   brown bess  

    brown bess   brown bess  

    brown bess   brown bess  

    brown bess   brown bess  

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    the reenactors age them some to look old but the quality of the old craftsman is not there, they replace locks, triggers ect to sell better.. & add proff marks... when you see screw heads burred, walk away , it was messed with

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    thanks, AUCH that hurt's.

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    Any chance to get to know (PM will do!!)the shop where you baught it ?

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    Hi Benno,

    I really hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but I would have to say that it really has no resemblance to any of the various pattern muskets loosely called "Brown Bess"

    I would advise you to do quite a bit of research regarding the various patterns used, Long Land, Short Land, Sea Service, India pattern etc and then compare what you have to the known versions.

    Like you suggested these type of weapons were used in Arabian countries into the last century, but most if not all were not original pattern muskets, they were locally made versions.

    I spent 20 odd years restoring Flintlocks here in Australia, and would have to say that the "workmanship" on this particular item, is not consistent to an original British 18th century firearm. Even the simple matter that the stock should be walnut, granted the India pattern used inferior grade walnut including sap wood, makes it very unlikely that it is a period made piece. The proof marks have been copied and falsified for hundreds of years.

    I think that if you did purchase it as an original "Brown Bess", then I would have it examined in your country by a reputable antique firearms dealer or a Government museum for their opinion and then have a quiet word with the dealer for a refund.

    But after all that, like Stuka f said, if you are happy with it, then that is all that matters. It still makes a nice decoration.



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    the Stowe was sold for $3000,, the hessian was bought for $500 and is now in the Trenton museum at Washington's crossing

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    Hi guys, I wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I have also included some pictures of my Brown Bess. I love her more than my family. I bought her 4o years ago. I am suprised there are so few Brown Bess lovers out there.

    Pictures by Johnnyh14 - Photobucket

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    The 'Brown Bess' in question I believe to be someones attempt at some type
    of restoration. If anything, the barrel and stock may be 'authentic' but it's
    hard to know for sure. Most of the metalwork is very crude to say the
    least, and does not exhibit any artistic or careful craftsmanship you
    would expect to see on originals - from any period in history.
    It is a mis-mash of parts.

    Example - The frizzen spring is about 3 times thicker than normal, and the
    contours of the trigger guard and it's finials is totally incorrect. The butt
    plate does not match the wood inletting, and the lock plate is not
    the right shape at all. The bands are different from each other.

    If this was simply 'given' to you, with no money exchanged, well, OK.
    You now have an interesting project to try and complete
    if you care to, but I would say: Get a refund.
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