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Browning 1900 in need of some care

Article about: I have just picked up this Deactivated Browning 1900 pistol. As can be seen it is completely knackered: By my reckoning I need the following parts: Magazine Grips Breech block screw, short R

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    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    I'm not sure if it's a Chinese copy or not (there are a lot floating about), the finish isn't bad and at least all the lettering is the right way up! Either way I think I am going to have a go at making some grips and then just enjoy it as an interesting pistol with a lot of history behind it, and if I come across suitable parts at a reasonable price I can slowly add bits to it.

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    I don't think it is a copy. It has what's left
    of proof marks and the FN nomenclature
    on the slide.........


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    Can you post a better photo of the markings on the side of the slide?

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    I think these are the guns sold by a Nottingham dealer and they are the left overs which have been robbed of parts to fix a number of others. I looked my self but was put off by the overall expence of parts (And lack of) out weighing the actual value of a complete gun.

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    I would look out for the original parts they come up in england,and contrary to some posters saying its not worth it and buy a good one.....they probably havnt got one and wish they had.
    Ive managed to find everything i need through perseverance and letting dealers know your on the look out.Enjoy it,it wont be long before you wont be able to own a picture of one i suspect.

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    nice old pistol i like the early stuff to, i have a 1905 deac Webley & Scott semi auto minus the mag, I have tried to get hold of one but there arnt many about. I can get one in the states but they dont send to the U.k, so like you i will have to wait until one comes up. Hope you get the parts.

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    I cant recommend enough Alain Cartry in France,always helped me. - Vente d'armes, armes anciennes et de la seconde guerre mondiale, militaria.

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    I've got a set of repro grips and it's amazing what a difference they've made. (The screws are temporary until I can find the correct fixings)
    Browning 1900 in need of some careBrowning 1900 in need of some care

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    Default Gee the butchery...

    I found my 1900 in a local gun shop; it came with two magazines; the one with three holes is for a Model 1899! Mine's in good shape but not as nice as The 1899 I found in the Argentine Museum of Arms in Buenos Aires on display!

    Browning 1900 in need of some careBrowning 1900 in need of some care

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