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Browning 22 Pump Rifle

Article about: Hi All, I have a Browning 22 caliber pump rifle that my father got when he captured a German soldier during WW2, who had the rifle in his possession. I don't remember how my father said he g

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    I bet this German took the rifle from a French/Belgian farmer, or it was confiscated and later liberated by him. I doubt it was one of his personal civilian weapons or a issued weapon. If its his own civilian gun, it would have German proof marks somewhere.

    It also looks like Browning have done a wonderfull job on the restoration, I didn't know they restored vintage guns, are they reasonably priced? I don't mind paying when it reflects the quality of work!

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    I'm sure it will come as a shock to many gentle readers, but soldiers of all nationalities, including German, have been known to loot the property of enemy and allied combatants and civilians.

    A Belgian rifle in the possession of a German, when Belgium had been under German occupation, isn't all that surprising. The Germans didn't like their subject peoples to have guns, even twenty-twos.

    But then again, maybe the Geman soldiet bought it.

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    I also have one of these Browning pumps, just like in the pictures, serial #54031.
    My wife's Mom gave it to her years ago, she grew up in Germany, in Berlin, and after the war her parents sent her and her sister to the US. Somehow she ended up with the gun, it is our understanding that she brought it with her.
    We know nothing else, when she gave it to us, she also gave us an old Marlin auto 22, and I just put them up in the attic and paid no attention for almost 15 years.
    Now I wish I could have found out something about it.
    It shoots perfect.

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    It's interesting to see that the person who created this thread has a Belgian Browning Trombone .22L pump action with a serial number in the 4 digits. I've done a lot of research and this is the only one that I've seen listed online with a 4 digit serial number. I have one that originally belonged to my great grandfather which has serial number 9932. I'm assuming that this means it was probably actually made in 1922 while others with higher serial numbers were made in later years. These rifles were produced between 1922 and 1974. I've seen some with serial numbers in the 6 digits. The one I have still shoots great but it's not in the greatest condition. I'm thinking of sending it in to Browning to have it restored.

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    maybe the german was looking to shoot some small game !!

    any belgian browning is a beauty !!

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    I also have a Browning 22 cal. pump Serial # 12816. I need to find new firing pin as well as butt plate. Would like to get gun restored as it was a gift from a family member when I was young.

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