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Buying an MG08/15

Article about: Evening everyone - Okay - it appears that even though I want to save my towns MG08/15 war trophy it just might not be possible. If this is the case, let me ask - what does a person need to d

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    What part of Kansas? I may be able to help you save that piece of history

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    John yes please. Email me with images etc. VMT. Mark

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    Wish I could delete cause it is not available

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    Quote by BJS View Post
    Hey buddy just joined this thread and noticed you like to collect parts for the MG 08/15. It just so happens I have a vet bring back that I aquired from an old buddy. It is not complete, but has the complete structure, water cooler and steel frame with both right and left plates and an original barrel. It is in very good shape with a few dings in the water cooler. Ther is no inner parts or stock. Willing to discuss price. Let me know if you or anyone you know is interested.

    Take care
    If you are thinking of buying the above make sure the side plate is registered other wise you will be in possession of and unregistered MG and will be subject to at best confiscation. As I said before just the one side plate alone is considered a machine gun. You can called BATF and ask which side plate is the controlled part. IIRC it's the right side plate buy I am not sure. They used to sell Russian Maxim kits with one side plate but BATF stopped that and now kits if you can find them have neither side plate. The same with Vickers kits.

    Follow this link on side plate legality by one of the most knowledgeable people in the US.

    No left sideplates are MGs now, since ATF....
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    Quote by Wagriff View Post
    As long as it's a permanent Dewat, I can't see why there should be Any need for a special license or permit for it-basically, it's like buying a toy gun. Kansas is a Very lenient state for gun laws.
    It's the Federal law passed in 1934 that controls Class III weapons and not any state law. A state law can be more restrictive but not less restrictive than the federal law. For example NY it is almost impossible for a civilian to own a class III weapon but in most states a civilian can go thru the paperwork process and a long wait after the paperwork is submitted. These days an 8 month wait is not uncommon for approval to a citizen. Kansas may be a very liberal state on gun laws but any Dewat or even just the side plate if it's the controlled part MUST go thru the same registration process process as a live machine gun. The BATF take a very dim view of unregistered controlled parts or dewats.Their motto is "once a Machine gun always a machine gun". IIRC it's a $100K fine and 10 years in the gray bar hotel for any unregistered controlled part, Dewat or machine gun. A registered controlled part or a Dewat can be restored to a live machine gun if the owner chooses to do so at a later date but additional paperwork must be filed and another long wait for approval.

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