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Buying ww2 Kar98

Article about: Hello I would like a lot your opinion and couceling about this matter. For now that what i want to buy a riflle. Iam asking you for tips & tricks, markings and all the other util stuff t

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    Boas, antes de comprar a arma, é melhor dar um saltinho á PSP para comfirmação da papelada necessária, porque são eles que têm a tutela sobre armas de colecção, de qualquer modo para se comprar uma, é melhor a compra ser feita na europa e a entrega ser feita por transportadora.

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    Hello mates and rhnks for all your tips. Here in Portugal there are few items on ww2. About guns they have to be a certificate of "inutilazation" they cannot fire.
    And I dont really now about the experience of buying it in US because the airport customs. Idont know if anyone her has made a sell to this countrys Portugal or Spain.

    I really love to buy one Kar98 and later a nagant and a M1 garand but i know it is very difficult.

    If Someone can get me One of this for 250€ and Know it gets here at Portugal please say so we can make a deal.

    Thanks for all the help that you ve been giving.

    I will continue to investigate kar98 info

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