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Colt 1911a1

Article about: Enjoy this COLT 1911A1 Cal. 45 Pistol...BILL

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    Default Colt 1911a1

    Enjoy this COLT 1911A1 Cal. 45 Pistol...BILL
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Colt 1911a1   Colt 1911a1  

    Colt 1911a1  
    "As long as there are brave men and warriors the halls of Valhalla will never be silent or empty"

    In memory of my father William T. Grist December 26, 1920--September 10, 2009..
    901st. Ordnance H.A.M. North Africa, Italy, Southern France....ETO
    Also in memory of my mother Jane Kidd Grist Feb. 22, 1920-- September 27, 2009... WWll War bride May 1942...

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    Is that new,in the original wax paper???!!!!
    Oh, on second look, I see some holster wear,but still very good cond.

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    nice peice.i have a 1911 i bought off my dad,one of the grips had a crack in it,so i removed was repaired with rivets and a silver plate with the repairers name and date, dad served in the 8th army and brought it back with him,along with a zf41 scope and case,it's complete except for thewebbing he cut to remove it.

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    Default Re: Colt 1911a1

    Very nice gun!
    Thanks Bill for showing us.
    Did you buy it with the holster and ammo, or separate buys?
    I love to get one of those ammoboxes and a nice holster for my own Colt 1911A1.

    Best regards

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    Nice one Bill. They are becomming harder to find in this nice condition.


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    Default Re: Colt 1911a1

    Very nice pistol Bill!! I love them in that condition!!


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    A cure for sore eyes...Outstanding, Bill...
    I bought a Stanley take-down tool from e-bay the other day...
    Take care...Thanos.

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    Red face Re: Colt 1911a1

    Thanos I'm surprised you like this type of pistol
    I do too.

    [h=3]e plu·ri·bus u·num[/h]

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    Default Re: Colt 1911a1

    Quote by ez1969 View Post
    Thanos I'm surprised you like this type of pistol
    I do too.

    Eric, this type of pistol carved a deep impression on my child's mind, the first time i saw it and laid my hands on, in the summer of 1974, a 10 yo back then, as my father, an Army officer, brought it home (ammo stored in a locked drawer), during the Greek-Turkish crisis over Cyprus. The next time i laid my hands on, was back in 1988 when i was issued one during my Army duty. Since then it's my fav-all time classic weapon, the epitomy of all combat handguns...
    Take care, Thanos.

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    Default Re: Colt 1911a1

    very nice pistol bill just brilliant thanos i wish our military used the 1911 as well as the high power


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